2 December 2006

Weiner Kaffehaus

I am having blogg-iahroe.

During the last few days, it was a big-boss-free and together with Ms. X, Y and L, I went to Weiner Kaffehaus on Cantonment Road. It serves Austrian food but it's similar to German food. The owner, anton, was friendly and walked around chatting to the customers - it gave the place a very European feel. The wait staff was a little gun-du though - we kept having to reminding them to get our things, partly because we were quite demanding. In the end, we ended up getting the forks, knives, water ourselves. But I have to say that the food is really Delish!

Too Bad Bee-hoon and Chua-kun cannot join us. Maybe next time ... Anyway, Dec will be truely a boss-free month.

the Veal Brutwurst

Wedges - it was deep fried to perfection: crispy on the outside, soft and fluffly potato on the inside. God, I sound like an Ad.

Beef Gulash - yes i know ... that is how the menu spelt it. It even had the little dumplings at the side. Sorry that the photo was a little blurred.

Slaughter Platter - the coup de grace. The pork knuckle was fantastic: not that much fats (all of it probably melted into the sauce), tender meat and very crispy skin. The smoked pork was good. But I felt that the burtwurst wasn't as nice as the Veal one. And don't think that it was all meat. There was the suarkruat too which was good too.

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