19 January 2006

The embarassment of youth

The local idol competition is coming again and it got me thinking - i wonder what happen to all the insane fans of last year's finalists? I won't name names but i know someone who was insane about the final two (the chinese one) - followed him everywhere and went to all his public appearances. Even appeared in a commercial with him .. fine ... it's my younger sister. hahaha ..she's outed.

Anyway, one year down the road and she seems to have lost all interest in this has-been idol. But trust me, she was insane about him then. I wonder issit youth that gives you the excuse to profess undying love for something but change your mind in a manner of minutes later. When you grow up, you are suppose to know what you want and what you should do. If you like something then you LIKE that thing. People do not take to or assume that you can change your mind.

But it must be embarrasing to have someone chronicle what you like in the past .. even though now you are sooooo past it. Btw, my sister used to like Britney Spears but she would rather DIE then admit now - OVER HER 'LINKIN PARK, FORT MINOR, FALL OUT BOY' LOVING BODY!! Isn't it horrible to have an elder brother?

8 January 2006

Will it ever stop raining??

it has been raining for the whole day .. i knew i shouldn't have woken up so early today. Now i am just surfing around and being a general voyeur - looking at other pp's blog. I thought i would go jogging later at the usual jogging route by the canal but somehow i had a feeling that the rain will not stop by then. I knew i shouldnt have ate so much just now.

I need a purpose

Growing up .. you studied so you can get to the next level - from secondary to university to job. But once you reach the job, then what do you do? I am rather lost. I need some direction or at least something to work towards. I cannot just keep on plodding away. I need to do something besides play the ps2 game (for pp in the know, i am currently playing Dragon Quest. SO FUN!!).

Maybe i will snap out of this once i am immersed in my work? Some delegation is coming in a week's time. That should be interesting ...

I need a bag ...

I am currently in a crisis. I need a bag to carry my 'barang barang' to work - sandwich, some Cds, reading materials on the train and bus, my mp3 player ... so it does not have to be that big. BUT i will need a bag that is big enough for my laptop just in case i would have to bring it home to do extra work. Or when i will am travelling between places. But i also dont want to get one of those lame black suitcases ... it's quite disgusting and someone i knew (GLENN) used to carry it and i thought it looked Fugly.

So i decided to go with the trusted Crumpler .. So now the decision is what size to choose. I think I will go with a messenger bag instead of a laptop bag since the laptop bag is flat and i don't like that shape. I already have a seedy three (whose design is about 2-3 years old .. ). But if i go with a messenger bag that is big enough to store my stuff and laptop then it would be about the seedy three size.

goodness ... just realise that this is a rather lame entry. Oh well..

3 January 2006

Work ...

I am into my second week of work and it is rather depressing that i would in the 9 to whenever kind of life. There is no chance to do your own thang, no access of msn (arghh .. the horrors). The only way to contact other pp is through email. It makes me wonder what am I really doing? Am i suited for the working like? Should I go back to studying and become an acadmic? The life of an academic seem so much easier. But then I would be escaping from reality... i think i should at least spend a year plus working before i decide.

The image of all the people trudging home after work is really depressing, especially when you know you are one of them too. One of the drones.