2 December 2006

It's been a while - Little shop of Horrors

I have been negligent in blogging. Cos I have been lazy, choosing instead to surf, chat or read books. But I will give more updates ..

So I will be donig many flash backs ... the birthday dinner that Chua-kun so kindly help organised, some food pictures, more food pictures and hopefully more things to come. :)

First off, the office went for a play/musical "Little shop of Horrors" - a really really off broadway production, with the Dim Sum Dollies. I have to say that the dim sum dollies were the highlight for me. They were hilarious. Made me regret that I did not catch their previous productions. However, the 3 dim sums were not the main stars. I would say that the actress playing Audrey (brenda something) was surprisingly good. It was Hossan again in the lead - *does Singapore not have other actors. Seems like there is only a finite number of guys willing to go into acting*.

The ending was a little let-down though. It was a little strange - everyone died and the plant was cloned and its terror spread all over Singapore. It ended with the warning "Don't Feed the Plants!!" 0_0 *huh??!!*

Anyway, it was enjoyable nonetheless and I got to see Jade from America's Next Top Model. According to our resident TV guide, Jade is in town doing some photo shots. I really wanted to take a photo of her but I thought it was a little desperate. I can't say whether she is pretty or not - she was wearing a LARGE sunglasses when she was standing in the lobby. But she has style, i will give her that. And she got her poofy hair back. ...

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