30 August 2006


i finally got it after two weeks of agonising :) .. so far, it has been fun using the camera. Fun thing is that i can take a photo and blog it immediately. Havent used it yet though. More photos from the phone later.

29 August 2006

Wondering about the urinal

Things i have always wondered about urinals:
- why the urinals have a big "TOTO" on top of them? It is prob the brand of the urinal but goodness, it is so strange to be peeing into Dorothy's dog (from Wizard of Oz). ladies, you have to see it to believe it. Maybe one day you should just sneak into the male toilet, esp the one on 23rd floor ;)
- why pp in the toilet (male) never stand side by side in the urinal? When there is 3 urinals and two males, both would split up and go to the urinal 1 and 3. Urinal 2 is left empty. [One time i went in and there was 2 pp already at the urinal. Urinal 2 was empty so I slotted myself in and then persons using Urinal 1 and 3 starting talking over me. Most strange experience.]
- pp tend to look down when they pee? Like they would aim wrongly even though the urinal is such a giant mouth.
- {this is not about urinals but closely related} women can do the hovering thing on the toilet bowl .. (all the better to avoid touching the seat .. can't imagine? Go ask your friends). They must all have strong abdominal / gluteus / hamstring / thigh muscles. It is akin to doing the horse stance ('ma bu') for at least 1 min. Amazing :P

Finally ... i have managed to change my template.

it has been a struggle but i have finally tweaked my template and got it to work with the blogger system .. yippee. I think that this new template is nice :P comments?

22 August 2006

my Virgin DQP with cheese

I finally got off my ass to transfer the remaining photos of the peru trip. Actually these are the few photos that i took after returning from machu Picchu. The most exciting one is actually a photo of a Double Quarter Pounder (DQP) with cheese. WTF ... you would say. Well, let me tell you.

Long long time ago, when i was in sec school, my indian friend Mr N Swami. told me about the greatness of a DQP with cheese. "Did you know that Singapore used to have a DQP with cheese but it was taken off the menu of Macca's because it was toooo unhealthy?" But apparently Mr S has tasted this ambrosia in the States and he swears that it is soo good. So because I have never went to a country with a macca's selling a DQP with cheese, I have never tasted one. Then when the Macca's here put the DQP with cheese, Mr S commented that it was not the same, it cannot compare... it is NOT REALLY A HALF POUND burger (for those mathetically challenged -- 2 quarter pounds makes half a pound).

Then when i stopped over in LAX, I told myself I had to have one DQP with cheese. I begged money (becuase i have spent all my USD) from Ms L and then went to buy the burger. Please note that this was BEFORE i suffered my traumatic food poisioning experience on the way from LAX to SG. And NO it is not due to the burger. .. or at least i dont think so. I distinctly remember that I vomitted the soba .. which was something that I ate AFTER the burger. Unless of course the burger caused the food poisoning and then it was down hill from there?

I have to tell Mr S that the burger was good .. succulent and definitely seemed tastier than those you find in SG. Of course this could be the hunger talking .. well i finally tasted it. ... Mr S will be so proud of me!!

17 August 2006

Addendum to "drool???"

Sorry if I have been absent minded .. but I can also 3G with dad, mum and of course Mr Anus too :)

16 August 2006


In yet another attempt to agonise about buying this phone ...

It is actually a beautiful phone with all the bells and whistles ... the fantastic camera at the back (I am still wondering whether I really need a 3.2 mp camera, or whether I will even use it in the first place ... but then I can be a japanese tourist sometimes) ... and the 3G function (who am i going to 3G with .. C-kun? Ms J?.) What i want in the phone is the mp3 function so that i can zone out on the way to and fro office. So nice just to have some peace and quiet.

I think i shouldn't have asked Ms Y to go phone buying with me. I was so settled on the w700 phone .. the bling bling titanium gold walkman phone but then she comes along and says the k800 is so nice, so new, so ...

I will wait till this sat to see what other offers i can find ...