17 November 2006

Quarter Life Crisis

It is past 12 midnight.

I can officially declare that I am having a Quarter life crisis. :( ... although this is assuming that i am going to live to 100 years old. (Judging by my eating habits ... maybe not).

Well ... have been wallowing for the past two weeks. Is it in anticipation for this day? The realisation that time is passing again and I am standing still ... *sigh*.

I need a compass...

13 November 2006

Trip to Algeria

Finally blogging about the algeria trip in OCt ...

Had a rather long stopover in paris .. because was not allowed to go into the business lounge with Mr T, i had to rough it out in the cafe myself for (i think) 5 hours. There was cigerette smoke everywhere. And the sad thing is, I only had work with me :( So i did my work ... and was actually able to puzzle out the whole thing and produced a powerpoint presentation at the end of it. Good on me!! haha.

Then to Algeria. There was nothing there ... or rather i could nto venture out cos i was with *ahem* someone elderly and not very adventureous. Well .. at least on the last day of meeting we were ferried around the town area. It looked nice and interesting. I had many issues on this trip. It was Ramadan so many of the restaurants were closed during the day. And it did not help that I was in a hotel that was about 1/2 hour away from the city. Also, it was french or arabic speaking so English will not get you far.

But one thing i saw was that at least it was not the usual desert and white buildings. I find those rather depressing. There was a nice garden beside our hotel but it was closed for renovation so all i got was this picture.