21 February 2006

It's tiring to blog

I am finally blogging after a long hiatus. I feel like there is no one out there that is reading this ... unless you consider the random person who might stumble across the blog while looking for something interesting. (Sorry .. nothing is happening here .. move along ..) Anyway, it seems like work sucks out the desire to switch on the comp. I stare at the laptop at work for about 8 hours. I don't want to come home and stare at the screen again.

But today is different - i am online mainly cos i realise that i want to sell something (my german language set that i bought a few years ago and now realise that i have lost interest in that language). Also i have been considering getting some Indonesian language set so that I can learn some Indonesian. haha .. hopefully i can communicate with Stef when i meet him the next time.

One thing about working though - you treasure your social life more. You are more concerned about maintaining the relationships and friendships built before starting work. So you are out whenever you can cos there is really so little time to spend outside work. One depressing fact - out of the 24 hours, we spend about 9 hours working (assuming that you don't work OT), 1 hour travelling, 8 hours sleeping, and 2 hours eating, shitting, miscellaneous. SO that leaves you with only 5 hours to do your own things. Things that do not belong to the gods of work and necessity. That is we have less than 25% of our time during weekdays.

Resolution - make better use of my time instead of wasting time vegging in front of TV or surfing aimlessly.

2 February 2006

I miss msn-ing

I miss using msn ... i have been deprived of chatting with steffie and other pp for a long time now. I used to be so connected with the pp out there. It was my line to the outside world. When i was stuck in the library ... stuck in the grad room typing out my essay ... stuck in class.. there was always the messenger keeping me company. Even though i don't chat with most of the pp on my list, at least i still can read their nick and figure out what happen to them. The nick on the msn is a surprisingly good form of communication, the individual's expression in 20 words.

I was on msn for the last two plus year ... every working day from 8 to 5 ... i was one of the lucky ones to able to connect online when i was serving my NS and chatted with steffie practically everyday, barring meetings and overseas trips and holidays.
Well now i can't log on even to the online version. VERY SAD!!

Well at least work is picking up so i am not just sitting there finding stuff to do. hahaha.