27 October 2005

I have been tagged

So i got this comment on the previous entry:

at 4:06 PM Comrade Kenny said...
You've been tagged. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!! Now you've gotta list 10 things about anything, from song or food you like or whatever. Get creative!

Comrade kenny is my housemate for three years btw ... so I have to oblige :)
(he wrote about ten names that he would like for his baby - SHOCKING ... is he going to be the father??)

Anyway, ... i cant think right now .. hahaha (sorry kenny). I am trying to think about this Japanese studies paper that I have. I will blog again next week after my take home exam. promise ...

26 October 2005

Does it get worse???

This week is going from bad to worse. After finishing the book review, which is due on monday, I had to start revising for two take home exams that I will receive on Friday and will be given 4 days to complete. I am so doomed ... the discussions in school are giving me a slightly better understanding. But i stress SLIGHTLY.

and then today i got an email rejecting me for one of the job application. Yes, i know that it should be normal since i apply to so many jobs anyway. Surely some of them will reject me (I hope only some .. and not ALL). But it still discourages you ... dissappointing in a way. Goodness, i really hope that I will not be one of those bums without a job for a few months. Seiously, you need a proper level of self-esteem when job hunting.

Hopefully i will survive the take home exams this weekends. hopefully, some job will accept me soon. hopefully ... the week doesnt get worse.

Update on the JUMP


Quote "The 22-year-old died in hospital later"

So i guess he died but then what is the reason? seriously how can someone just jump off just like that ...

24 October 2005

Someone Just JUMPED at cineleisure

heard from my sis who was there:

some guy jumped from the 3 floor of cineleisure and fell to the ground beside the food court at the basement. thats 4 floors. Apparently, the guy was being interrogated by the police before he jumped. can't imagine someone just jumping off the railings. Well, at least he picked a famous place to jump.

The thing is .. not too sure whether the guy is dead. But he was not carried off with the sheet covered over his body, so that means he is alive? (or do they only cover the body in TV shows? ) If he dead, then you can be sure some ghost story will develop out of this.

22 October 2005

My life as it is

I am in PAIN ... my neck is frozen (terminilogy used by my mum). All becuase i spent the last three days sitted in front of the comp typing out my econs essay. Whoever though typing 7 pages would take that long. And due to my lousy posture and seat level, I have stiff back muscles which contributes to my neck ache. HOW SHITTY!!!

And now i have to do a book review for my jap studies. Due on Monday - yup two more days and not a single page written ...

I think i shall go swimming on monday .. or at least lie there in the sun to get a tan. So at least i dont look like a pale, sad graduate student. I will then look like a tan but still sad graduate student. hahahah

11 October 2005

the end

I have completed my stupid national service. Finally, it has been a long time - 2 years and 4 "freaking" months. Anyway, it's over. Not that I didn't enjoy some parts of it.

I went to Brasil Cha(-something) last night to celebrate. So exciting .. the food just keeps coming and coming and coming. Yumzz!! You definitely have to go there seomtime.

Also, I think I shall not update my blog for a while. I am going into assignment mode now. Scary when you think about. But this is the last semester and then I will be done :)

7 October 2005

Just realised ...

I have not been blogging for a while. That's cos i have tonnes of work to do: presentation, assignments, and one mid term exam next week.

one interesting assignment is the japanese studies one where i get to interview two people who have lived in japan based on your chosen theme of course. I chose my aunt and uncle and the theme is the socialisation of expatriates in Japan. It is turning out to be a very interesting and fascinating topic. I hope that i can keep up the enthusiasm till the end of Oct when i have to present the paper and submit it. Otherwise, it has been a learning curve.

Also i have been frantically applying for jobs .. well not frantically cos i have only applied for a few till now. It takes a freaking long time just to complete one application, you know. And they ask really tricky questions (IMO) about what you can contribute to the company. If they haven't noticed, i will be a fresh grad and the only thing i can truthfully contibute is carbon dioxide and probably body heat (but they already have the thermosat for that). So I promise that i will do one application per day till i finish the list of companies that i want to apply for.

I hope and pray i get something good. something that pays wells. something that challenges me. something that is ... well you get the picture.