3 December 2006

Thai food at Golden Mile

Finally met up with Mr Anus after a long time. He has been studying for the last month so this would probably be the first time he is out. Poor boy .. haha. We went to Golden Mile because I have been telling him about the great Thai food there - cheap and good.

Reaching there, it was almost like entering another country - thai workers everywhere. You even have the occasional tranny walking by. How authentic!!

We went to this store and ordered seafood tom yum, black pepper beef, chicken curry and pad thai. The tom yum was good - hot, spicy (a little too spicy for my taste), and sour. So was the beef, although i have to say that it would have been better if they used a better cut from the beef - the beef had some stringy bits. The chicken was ok at the start but got a little too heavy towards the end - I think the sauce had too much coconut. The pad thai was rather authentic. Overall, I would say that it was a good meal and not too expensive. With drinks and rice, it cost $33. Will come back again to try other dishes.

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