13 April 2005

Essay Grade

So excited!! I got an A for my essay on trade policy for the Asian Diplomacy Class. hahaha ... spent so much time and effort on it and I got an A. Only 6 pp in the class got an A or A- grade so this is a GOOD thing. The lecturer said that my essay was professionally written. I even got a higher grade than pp who did political science in their undergrad. Who says an economist cannot do PS??

"My, what a big head you have!!"

Guess it is time to stop gloating.

Musings about my Future

I will be finishing my indenture soon. Then it is off to the real world. But then what to do, what to do? I know I should work but then where? I want to work in some fantastic and challenging job that deals with international issues and lets me jet around the world to see new things .. but how likely is that :D Maybe a bank, investment firm, a consulting firm, or even god forbid ... the government. The ministry of foreign affairs does seem to suit me rather well but I can't seem to get any information about the culture or work that they inside. That's very annoying!!

Also, am thinking of applying for a scholarship to go to Europe to study "economic analysis of law". This scholarship allows you to go to three different European cities to study for your masters. So I am eyeing Rotterdam, Netherlands; then off to Hamburg, Germany; then finish off in Manchester, UK. Then I will be able to work in UK after that? Not too sure about that or even about getting the scholarship. Seems that competition is tough and it is open to international applicants. Scary!!

So in the meantime, I have to struggle through another round of exams, then it is the holidays and then another semester of studying ... THEN i will be ___ B.com (Honours), M.Soc.Sci (International Studies) :P

Till then, the status quo is maintained.


Your ever faithful indentured servant.

11 April 2005

Anti-Japanese Riots in China

How is it that in a communist country, where supposedly the restrictions on speech and assembly are cutailed, can riots be held so freely and blatently?

It is because it is government sponsored, hence condoned by the Chinese government? When the students protested in Tianenman, they were CRUSHED. Now students protest in Beijing, the chinese government "appealed for calm"?? Right ...

Well at least they get to do something and be heard ... unlike some other countries where you would need to apply for a permit to assemble and would need to remain within the OB Markers.

General Elections are coming to a neighbourhood near you ...

Just read in the online CNA that the Lee Jr has just gone to visit his constituency. This sparks off speculations that there will be a general election coming up. Hurrah!! This will be my first time voting in an election. My voice will be heard by the polity. My opinions will matter. I can do my part to help the opposition parties in Singapore. Unless...

There is a walkover in my area ... hahaha!!!

The peculiarity of Singapore politics is that there is just too little opposition so they tend to concentrate their resources on more shaky constituencies. Also, the government's idea to have a multi-racial party running for the constituency elections also disadvantage the opposition. (Yes - all this from the insightful book by Mutalib. Read the previous post ;)

So the General Elections are coming to a negihbourhood near you ... UNLESS yours is a walkover.

5 April 2005

Blissfully Departed

Unless you have been living under a rock or in a cave, you should know that Pope John Paul II passed away on Sunday Morning 3 April 2005. The whole world seems to be in a sombre mood with the multitudes pouring out their condolences and sorrow at the loss of a great man. I am, however, slightly ambivalent about his death. His policies in the vatican and his staunch adherance to conservative values seems to divide me. Even though I am catholic and am obligated to follow the rules set out by the vatican, I can't help rile against the stance that the church has taken against abortion, against contraception, against women in the church... But then these positions may because of the growing catholic population in the developing countries who tend to be more conservative compared to those in the developed countries.

It would be interesting to see who will be the next pope but I suspect that he will be of the same conservative streak as the late pope. Due to his long reign, Pope John Paul did select ALL of the cardinals that are currently responsible for the election of the next pope. Also the issue of the developing countries would require a conservative candidate to take over the papacy.

One more note: When the media mention that he is the most travelled Pope in history, don't they also realise that he was the pope during a time when travelling was made easy with airplanes and there was a relative peace throughout the world that allowed him to travel so extensively.