16 November 2004

The Tooth of Wisdom

I went for my wisdom tooth extraction today. The dentist explained that they had to saw of the top part of the tooth (the part that is visible) before removing the root of the tooth.

The funny thing about the operation is that they cover up your whole head with a cloth and have a hole where your mouth is. So you can't really see what the dentist is doing, which i guess is a good thing. But I could not help trying to imagine what the whole procedure look like and what the dentist was doing inside my mouth.

The strange thing about me was that I kept having weird thoughts while lying on the dentist chair. First, being in an age where there is advances in the medical surgery, dental surgery seems a little backward. Despite the fancy equipment, the whole procedure relied on the dentist using brute strength to pull the tooth out of the whole. Not exactly key-hole surgery here...

Second, what would compel someone to decide on dentistry? And we are not talking about the crass subject of money here. I mean, people can say they want to be doctors cause they want to save lives, was inspired by a dying parent / sibling / grandparent, or even ER? But the dentist cannot say that. How would scaling and whitening teeth make the world a better place? It would seem that the dentist is truely just in it for the money? Maybe they wanted to be doctors but could not make it?

But then, who am I to judge? The nice dentist extracted the wisdom tooth that was irritating the living shits out of me. And ... and this is a big AND ... the dentist gave me LOTS of novocaine during the operation and perscribe a lot of painkillers. Painkillers are always good ...

10 November 2004

Pilot Episode

It took me more than a week to decide on a name for this blog. Is that indecisiveness or cautiousness? Who knows! Who cares!

First thought was that if it took me so long just to decide on a name, does it mean that I would have trouble writing these posts? Apparently not, with this constant stream of conciousness ...

Second, who would even read this? Unless I have some kind of scandal or am involved in a high profile event AND blog about it, I don't think this blog would reach a large audience. But then again, who knows what scandal I would be involved in? Right?! I think I would treat this like my tiny contribution to the knowledge out there. Assuming that you can even call this knowledge.

I am sitting here, thinking about how to end the post with a bang, especially since it is my first post. Should I end it with a though-provoking, yet witty, question? Or should it be a simple, but weak, "I hope this would be a fun exercise?"

Hmmmmm .....