22 February 2005

GI Joe/Jane? How about Jone = Jo(e) + (Ja)ne?

I remember coming across an essay by a local writer, saying that it is funny how the government will send impressionable boys into the army for their national service. Boys who are exploring their sexuality and the government puts them into a place where there is noone but boys.

Well, I thought of this when I came across this hilarious poster on whitehouse.org. There are more on this page.

Santa's been real naughty last Christmas

I found the hilarious letter written by little johnny to Santa. Read on...

18 February 2005

Engrish Website

Came across this website that has all these photos of Engrish in Japan. These are a sample:

Remarks: "Little too hot for my taste..."

Remarks: "Hell, I can get roguefarts at home...."

I have included the link in the 'cool' Section. Most are hilarious!


16 February 2005

Singapore Inc.

Ever thought that the Singapore government is controlling a lot of the
companies in the private sector.

Well, I found this website to prove that point. It seems legitimate
although I believe that the author's name is a pseudonym.

Click here
to read the article. It is titled "Why it might be difficult for the
government to withdraw from business"

Bus Sleepers

Ever notice how people are willing to let go of their inhibitions when
they sleep on the bus. People don't notice that they look weird or do
things that they don't normally do. For example, a sleeping person
might allow her head to fall on your shoulder. In some cases, the
person might sleep-talk or snore. All this, in the company of the
hundreds of the people that go through the bus.

Why is it that people are so willing let their barriers down when they
are sleeping on the bus? And yet, they are embarassed when asked to do
other things. I think it is because they are asleep and so they don't
realise what they have done?

Well, you tell me .... zzzzz