30 January 2005

Email to ST (Part 3)

My reply will be published in the local newspapers. Yayyee!!

The guy from the newspaper, Andrew Duffy?, called me on Friday to
confirm my details. I wonder if my reply is actually interesting or
rather, the newspaper is printing it because it serves their agenda?
Am I thinking to far ahead?

Anyway, I will update my blog when the article actually appears.

Hark!! Is that Fame knocking on my door? I don't think so :P

27 January 2005

Email to ST (part 2)

I sent in the email to the papers. Wonder if they will print it :P

24 January 2005

Email to ST - Fees Hike

I read this article in the local newspaper asking for replies to the recent fees hike in the local universities. I was inspired to write a reply. BUT I have not sent it in yet.

This is what I wrote:

I understand that the fee hike is required for the universities to
provide a better education for the students. However, the universities
should consider exempting all current students from the fees hike. By
increasing the fees of all students (current and prospective), the
current students might feel that they are being 'cheated'. The
university fees that the students accepted before entering the
university should remain unchanged throughout his education. The price
for the service was agreed upon at the beginning of the contract and
it should follow that the price should not increase midway in the

For example, a home owner decides to engage a contractor to renovate
his house. They agree upon a payment of $5650. However, after the
renovation is completed, the contractor decides to ask for a payment
increase. The contractor wants a 15 percent increase or a payment of
$6500. Wouldn't the home owner feel cheated? (This is the concept of
Loss Aversion, where the person would rather avoid losses than making

The universities should only apply the fee increases to prospective
students. As they have not invested their time and effort in the
institution, they can choose whether they want to pay the higher
school fees. The current students do not have a choice as they have
already invested in the institution and cannot withdraw easily. The
local varsities should examine the fee policy of their Australian
counterpart, for example the University of Melbourne, where fee
increases only apply to new students.

I urge that the local universities to reconsider their fee policy.

So any opinions or comments?

11 January 2005

Classes start

Yesterday was the start of the school semester. Another semester of essays and readings. I am really looking forward to reading the International Political Economy course. My first class was Studies in Southeast Asian Politics. I thought that I would check out the class and decide on whether I want to take it.

So I arrive in school 1 1/2 hours early. I had my dinner and went to the library to borrow some books. Unexpectedly, I dwaddled and I only have 5 minutes to the start of class. I had to walk to the block and find the classroom. Reaching the block, I could not find the elevator so I had to climb up the SIX storey to reach the classroom.

BUT alas, I find the door and on it says "YOUR CLASS HAS BEEN CANCELED". Dissapointment! Irritation! Annoyance!

What a way to start the new semester.

5 January 2005


The funny thing was that when it happened, I was completely oblivious. I remember waking up early to go have breakfast with the indian (Ceylonese) and the Malay (Chinese). Then spent the whole day in town. It was only when i watched the evening news that I realise that a disaster happened in the region.

So it happended. Great ...

Now, there is a tsunami of media coverage. Endless news articles about the celebrity who are contributing to the aid relief; the people that were/are missing; the death toll ... It gets a bit too much that I start to switch off and gloss over everytime I encounter a Tsunami-related article.

Also, why does the local media choose to dumb down their coverage by naming the disaster a "Tidal Wave" instead of the more technical term "Tsunami"? As everyone knows, tidal wave is the incorrect term for tsunami.

Haha ... just realise that by writing about the Tsunami, I am contributing to the articles that are discussing about the tsunami. I will stop now!

4 January 2005

Striking Resemblance

Just a quick observation: have you noticed that the 'Dear Leader' of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea bears of a striking resemblance to the current Chief of Defence Force in Singapore?

Kim Jong Il

Ng Yat Chung